JUST STORIES Creating New Direction JUST STORIES Creating New Direction

Creating New Direction

At JustSystems,
we continuously create New Direction that society truly demands.

We deliberate what we think is best or natural and constantly
strive to create New Direction for every market.

We envision the future, encourage changes, do not compromise,
and continue to build an ideal environment for society.

SMILE ZEMI Distance Learning for Elementary School Students

"I want to study more"
a natural response.

The most important thing in order to develop academic skills is study habits. SMILE ZEMI, a distance learning system utilizing tablets, makes students feel "Studying is fun!" so that they develop the habit of studying on their own. We continue to create educational materials and mechanisms for a future filled with such children.

Learning Cloud for Elementary and Junior High Schools SMILE NEXT

"lessons in which students think together"
as a matter of course.

SMILE NEXT is a learning cloud for elementary and junior high schools, which contains software and educational materials in one package necessary to enable children to learn proactively, interactively, and deeply. We continue to provide a learning environment where children can share their opinions at school, come into contact with diverse perspectives and ways of thinking, and enjoy learning together.


"versatile input method"
a standard characteristic.

The Japanese language input system that has become standard. ATOK has been at the forefront and leading the way. ATOK will continue to evolve in order to make more "versatility" a matter of course.

Growth-type sales support cloud service JUST.SFA

"a sales organization that grows"
a natural outcome.

JUST.SFA, a sales support tool that backs up field-driven system construction by taking advantage of powerful customizability. With the goal of making it a natural outcome that both the organization and the individuals grow continuously, we continue to increase our strength every day.