Message from the President

photo:Kyotaro Sekinada

Continue Providing Society with New Value

Driving the evolution of unique technologies and expertise, and expanding our fields of business.
JustSystems was founded in 1979, and in addition to the Ichitaro Japanese word processing software and ATOK Japanese input system, we have delivered a wide range of software-focused product and services not only to individual customers but the private sector, government and local municipalities, schools, hospitals and enterprise customers.
In recent years, we have pioneered the development of new markets that have never existed in Japan, such as the SMILE ZEMI tablet-based e-learning system for elementary and junior high schools students, and the all-in-one Actionista! Suite of business intelligence (BI) tools.
Moving forward, we will continue to create products and services and expand into new fields of business utilizing our unique viewpoint and capacity for planning and development.

Keep Changing, Continue Growing

At JustSystems, each employee makes a point of recognizing and thinking through the essential issues behind every event.
When you take on new challenges, you may also fail a lot. It goes without saying that when things do not go well, you still need to look back in introspection, but even more important is when you have succeeded, that you carry out a thorough analysis of which factors went well and try to utilize that winning formula down the road. I also believe that maintaining a “continual awareness of change” without going by the book or clinging to fixed ideas leads to sustained growth.
Thinking through, making changes and creating – by embodying these actions, we will achieve even higher corporate value.

Creating a Better Future, from Japan and Beyond

The value JustSystems provides to society comes of course from good products and services. That will never change.
As we continue to verify the scale and positioning of those products and services, our attention extends not just across Japan but out to the world, as part of our hope to create a better future for people around the world.
Within a volatile IT industry, we will stay agile in recognizing the latest trends and proactively adopt new technologies while continuing to provide society with new value moving forward.

President & CEO

Kyotaro Sekinada