1979 July JustSystems founded in Tokushima
1981 June JustSystems Corporation incorporated
1982 October "KTIS" Kana-kanji Transfer Input System (currently known as “ATOK”) released
1985 August "Ichitaro" word processing software released
1988 May Osaka Sales Office established
1989 June Tokyo Branch Office established
1991 June Nagoya Sales Office established
1997 September Head Office relocated to Hiraishiwakamatsu 108-4 Kawauchi-cho, Tokushima (Now the location of the Tokushima head office)
October Shares are listed on over-the-counter market of Japan Securities Dealers' Association
December "ConceptBase Search" document search software released
1999 June "Ichitaro Smile" word processing software for elementary schools (currently known as "Just Smile") released
2001 June "Just MyShop" online shopping website launched
2003 April "InternetDisk ASP" online strage launched
2006 March Acquired "XMetaL" operating division from Blast Radius and transferred its business to JustSystems Canada, Inc.
2009 April Capital and business tie-up agreement concluded with Keyence Corporation
2010 February Obtained program copyrights and trademark rights for "Homepage Builder" from IBM Corporation
June "GDMS" system to address the bloating of file servers launched
2011 June "JUST Office" integrated software released
July "Homepage Builder Service" a rental server and customer management service released
September "UnitBase" non-programming web database released
October "Fastask" self-service questionnaire service launched
2012 December "SMILE ZEMI" elementary school student course launched
2013 August Tokyo Branch Office changed to Tokyo Head Office due to transfer of head office functions
October "Actionista!" all-in-one BI tool released
December "SMILE ZEMI" junior high school student course launched
2014 February Shares are listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
2016 July "JUST.SFA" sales force automation cloud service launched
2017 June "Just Smile Drill" practice drill software for elementary schools released
August "Sprint" interview services with target audiences by smartphone chats launched
September "JUST DWH" data warehouse for medical institutions released
2018 June "Just Smile 8" learning and lesson support software for elementary schools released
December "SMILE ZEMI" preschool child course launched
2019 June "Just Jump 8" learning and lesson support software for junior high schools released
2021 September "Smile Next" learning cloud for elementary and junior high schools launched
2022 April Transit to the Prime Market under the segmentation of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
October "JUST.DB" no-code cloud database launched
November "SMILE ZEMI" high school student course launched