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JustSystems Corporation was founded in 1979. At a time when personal computers were not yet an integral part of daily life in Japan, and it wasn’t even possible to input Japanese text, the ATOK* Japanese language input system ushered in a new culture of “Kana-Kanji conversion using the space bar.” More than 30 years on, and backed by dependable technological prowess in natural language processing technologies and other fields, JustSystems continues to deliver dozens of products and services to customers in a diverse range of industries and fields.

ATOK: Advanced Technology Of Kana-Kanji transfer


Our business is focused
four major areas.

The scope of our business activities extends beyond the consumer space.
JustSystems provides a wide range of services and solutions to a broad range of clients from
private sector companies to educational and government institutions.

  • For Individuals
    For Individuals
    We provide a range of products and services for individual customers, including Japanese word processing software and Japanese language input software.
  • For Public and Medical Institutions
    For Public and Medical Institutions
    We develop and provide solutions that address needs in specific areas, such as the creation of official documents by government offices and local municipalities, or the inputting of electronic medical records at hospitals.
  • For Education
    For Education
    School-based and home-based learning
    We offer learning support software for elementary and junior high schools, e-learning services that let elementary and junior high school students study at home with a tablet, and more.
  • For Enterprise Business
    For Enterprise Business
    For the private sector, we offer various solutions providing a flexible response to business growth and changing operating environments.

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