Actionista! is a suite of business intelligence (BI) tools that lets anyone perform analysis.
Business analysis is essential for developing management strategies, but sophisticated and abstract analysis tools require expert knowledge to operate. True to form, at JustSystems we lowered the barrier to entry and created “analysis for everyone.”

An Idea Originating from the Issues Noticed in Interactions with Customers

What prompted the development of BI tools in the first place was an “issue” noticed by a sales representative in their interactions with customers. Information such as the sales data and inventory information created and obtained by customers regularly steadily built up each day. Huge volumes of data and information accumulated in the process. While customers wanted to boost sales and make business improvements, in reality many companies were experiencing difficulties in getting the most out of that information. They faced a dilemma in what solutions to use. Excel had its own shortfalls: it lacked functionality, some tasks were cumbersome, and some operations were overly dependent on individual skills. BI tools meanwhile were costly, hard to use, and even the business divisions that required them were not able to fully utilize them. To solve that dilemma, we felt there was a business opportunity in developing BI tools that anyone could use with simple operations.

Why JustSystems Refused to Compete on the Basis of its Area of Specialty

JustSystems spent three years brining the Actionista! BI tool to market. During that process, some suggested that JustSystems should give text mining (text analysis), one of its characteristic strengths, a central focus in the product.
After many twists and turns, it was eventually decided that JustSystems would settle on a policy of attacking the BI market front-and-center, and the product was released as a pure BI tool.
This was because of another unique trait of JustSystems: Targeting people who had an impression of BI tools as difficult to operate and hard to master, we proposed “a BI tool that anyone can use without expert knowledge through intuitive operation.”

Striving to Make “Analysis for Everyone” the Next Commonplace Thing

Our pitch, that “without expert knowledge and through simple operations, anyone can create a great-looking dashboard (a format used for analysis),” resonated with many customers, but it also revealed a problem: since customers lacked analysis skills, they didn’t know what kind of dashboard they should make. To address this customer feedback, we further evolved Actionista! with the addition of pre-made templates that would automatically generate analysis dashboards by simply selecting what you wanted to do, such as “sales analysis,” “inventory analysis” or “cost analysis.” In doing so, we gave the world BI tools that opened the door to even business people unfamiliar with analysis, across all departments. Eventually, any employee being able to perform analysis would suddenly become commonplace. While hoping this will become the case for an increasing number of companies, we will continue to evolve the product as we strive to create new value.

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