Corporate Philosophy

The Power to See the Future
Supporting Human Potential and Growth

We believe that the power to see the future presents endless possibilities, and wish to help everyone create an ideal future under their own strength. The JustSystems corporate philosophy embodies this hope.

With the advancement of computers and technology and the widespread adoption of the Internet, civilization has taken another step forward. Computers are readily available and convenient, and will become embedded in every scene of our daily lives in the future. Accordingly, the ways in which we communicate information will become increasingly diverse, and we could end up being overwhelmed with the increasing volume of information. We need the skills to discover our own potential as people and pioneer the future by selecting what we need from a great deal of information, and then combining and utilizing it in optimal ways.

Since it was founded, JustSystems has pursued research and development into technologies that put people front and center. Namely, we deal in technologies that help utilize the acquisition and accumulation of information as knowledge, technologies that aid in thinking processes, logical thought and creative pursuits, and technologies that provide a wealth of expression and enhance our communication skills. The products and services produced based on these directions have continued to grow and evolve in step with individual and corporate customers.

Our products and services broaden the potential of all customers, because through their use, customers gain the ability to do, see and understand things they previously could not.

Making all this possible are the many human-focused endeavors typified by our language-centric technologies, along with a spirit to take on challenges. By taking on the challenge of technologies no one has thought of until now and leveraging a wealth of experience to coordinate them, we at JustSystems believe in our ability to utilize, create and convey information, and the power to pioneer the future.

Moving forward, JustSystems will grow together with its customers, and continually strive to contribute to the advancement of people’s lives.