1979 July
JustSystems is founded in Josanjima-cho, Tokushima.
1981 Jun
JustSystems Corporation is incorporated
1982 October
Japanese language processing system for 8-bit CP/M computers unveiled at Data Show
1983 March
Development of word processing software started
Word processing software JS-WORD, compatible with the NEC PC-100, is developed (loaded with KTIS, the predecessor to ATOK)
1984 May
KTIS2, a Japanese language front-end processor (FEP) phrasal Kana-Kanji conversion system is developed
jX-WORD word processing software for the IBMJX series is released
1985 February
jX-WORD Taro word processing software compatible with the NEC PC-9800 series is released (Loaded with ATOK 3, the first version of ATOK)
Ichitaro is released
1987 March
Hanako is released
1994 July
Goro Ver.1 is released
1996 March
JustNet is officially launched
1997 July
JustSystems Document Technology Forum held to unveil information technology strategy ConceptBase technology is announced
Over-the-counter shares are listed using the book building process
ConceptBase Search is released
1999 June
JustHome is released Ichitaro Smile learning and lesson support software for elementary schools (currently known as Just Smile) is released
2001 June
Online shopping website Just MyShop is launched
2003 April
InternetDisk ASP is launched
2004 December
Shares listed on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange
2006 March
Operating division of XMetaL is acquired from Blast Radius and business is transferred to JustSystems Canada Inc.
2007 March
Integrated office software JUST Suite 2007 is released
JustSystems Canada Holding Inc. merges with JustSystems Canada Inc.
2008 June
ConceptBase® Enterprise Search enterprise search platform is released
2009 April
Capital and business tie-up agreement concluded with Keyence Corporation
2010 February
Obtained program copyrights and trademark rights for Homepage Builder from IBM Corporation
Shares listed on the JASDAQ exchange operated by the Osaka Securities Exchange (now the Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ “Standard” Section) due to the merger of the JASDAQ Securities Exchange with the Osaka Securities Exchange
GDMS launched as a system to address the bloating of file servers
2011 June
Office-compatible JUST Office released for enterprises
Homepage Builder Service, a rental server and customer management service, released for small-to-medium-sized enterprises and sole proprietors
Non-programming web database software UnitBase is released
Self-service questionnaire service Fastask is launched
2012 March
Cocoal photobook creation service is launched
SMILE ZEMI Elementary School Student Course tablet-based e-learning service is launched March
2013 March
Assigned enterprise software business from Keyence Corporation, including the PRO-Search intranet search engine
okyo Branch Office changed to Tokyo Head Office due to transfer of head office functions
Actionista! all-in-one BI tool released
SMILE ZEMI Junior High School Student Course tablet-based e-learning service is launched
2014 February
Shares are listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
2015 August
30th anniversary since the launch of Ichitaro
Zenryoku Kids Support Scheme to encourage elementary and junior high school students to pursue both their dreams and study is established
2016 July
JUST.SFA growth-oriented sales support cloud service is launched
2017 June
JUST SMILE DRILL practice drill software for elementary schools is launched
JUST DWH data warehouse for medical institutions is launched

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